Youth for Youth - June 25, 2018


1710 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

When?  25th June 2018, Time: Noon to 1PM


Dear brothers and sisters,

Recently Swami has commanded that the theme for the first Region 4
Youth Meet should be “Youth for Youth: Physically, Mentally and

It is His Divine command that young adults from various nations
discuss how youth can help each other at a physical, mental and spiritual
level during this youth meet.

We invite all youths to attend the “Youth for Youth” workshop during the
Region 4 Youth meet to fulfill Swami’s wish.

This workshop is mandatory for all youths who have registered for youth meet (ages between 18 and 45 years).

A summary of the discussions held during this workshop will be presented to Swami during the Evening program. Let’s reach into our hearts and find some answers.


Please fill out the form below to participate.